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Rings the suit you

infografia - anillos de plata que te favorecen segun tu tipo de dedo

Rings the suit you

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It is almost a habit wearing rings, either for their beauty or because we like to have something bright to call our attention when we look at our hands. But you really know what kind of ring look good in our fingers? Here I bring you four options. I’m sure that will be help you when looking for rings in your jewelry box or when you’re shopping.


  1. Women’s with short fingers should look for a thin design.
  2. If your fingers are long and your hands are thin, you may be happy because almost all types of rings look good on you.
  3. For those with big hands, rings with large stones are a good choice.
  4. And if you only have long fingers, then the best is to use big and wide rings.


But remember that more important than the ring is the personality with you use them. And what do you think?

Diseñadora de Joyas

AUTHOR - Alexandra Temple

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