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The Designer

Alexandra Temple

Alexandra Temple - Diseñadora de Joyas

Alexandra Temple, discovered her creativity and artistic tendency in 1999 when she signed in a Decorative Candles course that took place at Lima’s Art Museum. At the same time, she studied non-fired ceramic painting and ceramic glaze techniques. (1999 to 2001) . She complemented her art studies specializing in aluminum repoussage. Additionally, she studied about painting and decoupage. Afterwards, she was dedicated to utilitary art, using wood and resine. In 2002 she continued extending her knowledge of arts, attending a course of fused glass jewelry. She started designing original jewelry with 925 silver applications, always seeking for specialization and knowledge, attending complimentary jewelry design courses. She had an active and remarkable participation in the 8 th and 9th National Silver Contest in Perú (June 2004-June 2005), in the categories of jewelry and goldsmith’s art.

She assisted a workshop about fused glass techniques at Rowe Studios Art glass in Miami, Florida (Jan 2,005)

She continues to expand her knowledge in jewellery, with design techniques, utilisation of gold and semi-precious stones.