Alexandra’s Temple logo has a modern and stylized image. The little hand with the heart will always be present on Alexandra’s Temple pieces since they are handmade expressing dedication, devotion and passion for art. You will find it in her work as a signature and guarantee of quality.


Countries compete with each other for the attention of tourists, the preference for their products and services, and the confidence of investors among other things.
A strong and positive “Marca País” provides a competitive advantage achieving greater remembrance in key audiences.
It serves to attract new businesses, and retain the existing ones, promote the internal improvementsand increase the acceptance of our products.
“Marca Pais” acts as and  export  and investment flag.
Carrying the brand is an expression of pride in promoting Peru and the Peruvian. It is an affirmation that we invest and bet on Peru. It is a responsibility to give the best to boost the image of Peru and a sign that our company is an example to follow.