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Winter is here in our city, we’re rounded by cold but here you are the 7 must to have in order to warm you, this trends take control of the season. Let’s check.

1. Slouchy pants

Equal to the baggy of the eighties or a country pant. Comfortable and very cool, those are the pants that fit all of us.

The slouchy is a high waist pants, baggy effect on the hips to adjust back to the ankle. A design that could have been inspired by various styles from the fashion decade, from the 90s.

2. Squares

It is the favorite print of this winter. Of all sizes and in different colors, the squares are the print of this season. Wear it in coats, pants, dresses and skirts. Already at the Paris Fashion Week, the Dior show fall-winter collection 2020-2021 presented its proposal.

3. Borceguíes

They are the 2020 winter shoes, which adorn all the outfits. The boots are worn with skirts, dresses, suits and pants. Did you know that the shoe is a type of footwear used in Spain during the Middle Ages. It can be considered a boot that covered the leg up to knee height. For us it would be the so-called military type footwear.

The Borceguíes reinvent themselves and accommodate each season. And when it comes to stepping hard and with attitude, nothing better than them and their ability to adapt to different trends.

4. Military green

It is a tone that we were already using in summer, but this season in addition to being in pants, we find it in dresses and skirts. Military green invades our wardrobe to help us battle on a daily basis with amazing looks.


This season the traditional pilot comes out of the mold and it is used rain or not. It is the new autumn basic and an item to combine with different garments and looks.

6. Metallic

For some seasons we have been more encouraged to metallic. And it is no longer exclusive at night to be used in daytime looks. If you still do not know how to wear this texture, we invite you to be inspired by these street style outfits. The metallics and their glitters shine at all times.

7. Vests

The vests are one of the seasonal garments, and promise to become the star garment of winter.

Now you know must to add to your closet for this season to be trendy for Winter.

Fuente:Para Ti

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As important as choosing your silver jewels is choosing your perfume, they say “Tell me what you smell like and I’ll tell you how you are”.

It is clear that our fragrance says a lot about our personality, read these tips so you can choose the ones that best suit your character:

perfume personalidad alegre
  • You are happy: If you are recognized by others as the positive girl and there is always a smile on your face, your choice is citrus aromas with some floral touches that will go perfectly with you.
perfume personalidad elegante
  • You are elegant: If your thing is glamor and overflows sophistication everywhere, then look for the essences with a floral note such as jasmine, orchid or roses.
perfume personalidad timida
  • You are shy: if on the contrary you are a discreet and simple girl, the best bet is citrus aromas with a subtle touch of jasmine and soft woody aromas.
perfume personalidad sensual
  • You are sensual: You like the seduction game and you want to show your most feminine side, a perfume with oriental notes, somewhat woody and just the right touch of vanilla will activate that attraction.
perfume personalidad juvenil
  • You are youthful: for the youngest ones, your best choice is floral, sweet, oriental and fruity aromas. It prefers eau de cologne because they are cooler.
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It is always important that earrings we choose to combine with our Outfits or according to the Occasion, but the most important thing to do is to choose earrings that are more favorable to your face type.

Choosing the perfect earrings for your face shape does not have to be an impossible mission. Follow these tips and in a matter of seconds, you will find those that will make you look spectacular.

1. Heart Shape

They are characterized by having a wide forehead and cheekbones, while the chin is very sharp. Opt for the models that have more volume at the bottom to find the opposite of the face shape. You can also look for teardrop ones. Slopes that end in a point must be avoided at all costs.

Aretes segun tu tipo de rostro - Forma de corazón

2. Oval shaped

Oval faces are the most privileged since they look good with almost any type of earring. You can choose small, large, simple, with stones, short, long, etc.

Aretes segun tu tipo de rostro - Forma ovalada

3. Square shape

They are those that have a wide forehead and a very marked jaw. In addition, the width and length of the face are similar. Avoid earrings with square or rectangular shapes, as they will only highlight the square lines on your face. Hoops or rings, or earrings with rounded edges, are ideal.

Aretes segun tu tipo de rostro - Forma ovalada

4. Circular shape

They have broad cheeks, forehead and beard. The length and width of the face is very similar. The perfect pair would be earrings that are long, with angular shapes or chandelier styles. The goal is to stylize the face.

Aretes segun tu tipo de rostro - Forma cuadrada

5. Elongated face

You should look for some earrings that help make the face look shorter. Choose ones that are wider than they are long. Hoops, large or small, circles, and short earrings are the most recommended.

Aretes segun tu tipo de rostro - Forma cuadrada

Now that you know which earrings are the best for you, why don't you stop by our store where we have different models that are perfect for you!

Fuente: Marie Claire

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There are many possible combinations between different accessories, many of them are successful, but this time we bring you the combinations that you should never do:

  1. Long Necklaces and Earrings, if you are already wearing a long necklace do not detract it using maxi earrings; if you do it, you will overload your look and turn it extravagant.
  2. More Animal Print is not better, in this case the excess of clothes and accessories of this style will only make you look like a tigress and that is not good.
  3. Colored garments lit with necklaces, if you do it simply the necklace will go unnoticed because the color of your garment will completely opaque it.
  4. If the pin of your earring was lost, do not use a piece of eraser, this is almost a sin, you may think that it is not seen but I assure you that more than one will have been seen with bewilderment for using this bad combination.
  5. Black garments without accessories, do it and it will seem that you are going to a burial!, wearing your favorite black dress is the opportunity to combine with good accessories, we recommend the golden ones.
  6. Look heavy with accessories, again more is not better, there must be a balance 2 or 3 accessories is a good number.
  7. Combine the trident “Wallet-Belt-Shoes”, as this rule was in the past, today you can make a mixture without appearing to look like a rainbow, again balance is the key word.

Now that you know the “DON’T” of accessory combinations avoid them or you will be a “fashion sinner“.

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It seems like a lie, but a great detail when it comes to giving is the Wrapping, although it goes unnoticed directly, the objective behind the wrapping is to show art and of course much love, since these small details generate great expectation in the person to whom we are giving a gift. We leave you some videos with DIY tutorials so you can be an expert on the subject and apply it to Dad’s gifts.

Box: If you like, boxed gifts or that resemble this style; here are 10 ideas for how to wrap, even for different occasions.

Furoshiki: Si lo tuyo es dar algo mas funcional tienes diferentes opciones en este estilo japones de envolver las cosas con solo un pañuelo de tela de diferentes tamaños.

Last Minute: Nunca falta que nos olvidamos de envolver los regalos o lo dejamos para el último y el tiempo nos gana, para estos casos te dejamos ideas para envolver en pocos minutos y de manera original.

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