We all have that jewel that we love very much, because it brings back good memories or one that came from a very special person, that is why we want to give you the best care, here we bring you 7 easy tips to follow so that you keep your silver jewelry as it was the first day.

Also at the end of these tips, we leave you a video with the topic on the program Oh Diosas!.

  1. Do not wet the jewelry.
  2. These should be the last thing you wear in the morning and the first thing you take off at the end of the day. Makeup, chemicals, creams, hair products, and perfumes can damage your jewelry, especially pearls and certain fragile materials used in jewelry making.
  3. It is better not to store all jewelry together either in a drawer or in a box. Metals can scratch each other and stones can be damaged.
  4. To prevent this from happening and keep your jewelery protected, invest in jewelery boxes and store each jewel in their respective velvet pouch or box.
  5. Keep jewelry in a place free of dust, as well as protected from sudden changes in temperature and light. The dustr is abrasive, especially with fragile parts like pearls. Temperature and light can damage jewelry and / or natural stones if they are exposed to them for long periods of time.
  6. Clean glass and glass jewelry by spraying a cotton cloth with a small amount of window cleaner. Rub them gently.
  7. To keep silver jewelry shiny and clean, rub it with a soft polishing cloth, made especially for this purpose.

We just have a cleaning cloth specially made to maintain the care of your jewelry. This cloth should not be washed, when it is very dirty replace it with a new one.