Winter is here in our city, we’re rounded by cold but here you are the 7 must to have in order to warm you, this trends take control of the season. Let’s check.

1. Slouchy pants

Equal to the baggy of the eighties or a country pant. Comfortable and very cool, those are the pants that fit all of us.

The slouchy is a high waist pants, baggy effect on the hips to adjust back to the ankle. A design that could have been inspired by various styles from the fashion decade, from the 90s.

2. Squares

It is the favorite print of this winter. Of all sizes and in different colors, the squares are the print of this season. Wear it in coats, pants, dresses and skirts. Already at the Paris Fashion Week, the Dior show fall-winter collection 2020-2021 presented its proposal.

3. Borceguíes

They are the 2020 winter shoes, which adorn all the outfits. The boots are worn with skirts, dresses, suits and pants. Did you know that the shoe is a type of footwear used in Spain during the Middle Ages. It can be considered a boot that covered the leg up to knee height. For us it would be the so-called military type footwear.

The Borceguíes reinvent themselves and accommodate each season. And when it comes to stepping hard and with attitude, nothing better than them and their ability to adapt to different trends.

4. Military green

It is a tone that we were already using in summer, but this season in addition to being in pants, we find it in dresses and skirts. Military green invades our wardrobe to help us battle on a daily basis with amazing looks.


This season the traditional pilot comes out of the mold and it is used rain or not. It is the new autumn basic and an item to combine with different garments and looks.

6. Metallic

For some seasons we have been more encouraged to metallic. And it is no longer exclusive at night to be used in daytime looks. If you still do not know how to wear this texture, we invite you to be inspired by these street style outfits. The metallics and their glitters shine at all times.

7. Vests

The vests are one of the seasonal garments, and promise to become the star garment of winter.

Now you know must to add to your closet for this season to be trendy for Winter.

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