Homeworking has become the new way of working for many people. If we want to create a comfortable and effective space at home, where we have better concentration, performance and productivity, the company ‘Actiu’ shares the following advice.

1. Define the space where you will work

The place you choose to work is better away from televisions and walkways, thus avoiding distractions and interruptions. Also, do not be tempted to do it on the sofa, bed or kitchen because your concentration will be affected.

If you have the possibilities, set aside a room to put a computer and printer, with your files, and books. If you have young children, put a small table with chairs next to them so they can draw, color or make crafts, and they get used to operating in a space dedicated to that.

2. Adequate light

Make sure that your place of work is close to a window with natural light, this way you do not have to force your sight much.

3. Colors and smells that bring you harmony

The scents influence your brain and mood, use aromatherapy. For example, citrus perfumes are recommended for memory, mint represents energy, and rosemary and jasmine positivism and avoiding fatigue.

Colors also give calm and concentration, the environment where you work does not have to be very strident, bet on white or blue.

4. Ergonomics is basic

The computer must have the main position on your work table, and the minimum distance from the screen must be 40 centimeters. The desk where you operate should allow you to support your forearms, as well as stretch your legs by raising them up a bit, and have openings for cables. The back of your chair should adapt to your back, thus protecting your lower back.

5. Order and organization

The order is also important, give yourself the necessary time to tidy up your workspace, so you work more concentrated and calm. If you like, you can add inspiring images as photos, and also notes with your pendings. Adapt it to your style.

6. Time for Distraction

Add to your workday, a moment of relaxation, it has been proven that the people who do it, is more productive and imaginative. This you will need if you spend many hours.

7. The green fee

Nature is amazing, even when we are busy, doing it surrounded by plants and flowers can help us feel more energy and be more productive.

An extra tip. If you are a teleworker, don’t stay in your pajamas, dress as if you were going to the office, set a schedule to meet your goals for the day, turn off the TV, get up from your chair once in a while and do stretches. For snacks we recommend nuts, fruits, vegetables or wholemeal products.

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